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The Magic Wand - Listen, I actually prefer long, drawn out intimacy and climaxing without a vibrator, but we don’t always have time for that, now do we? Also, adding a vibrating toy can lead to a clitoral orgasm in intercourse positions that wouldn’t otherwise provide the needed stimulation for climax. I prefer a wand over a bullet vibrator, because it covers a larger surface area. If you are first experimenting, or your partner is using it on you, the likelihood of success is highest with a large toy. The Magic Wand is generally used for external use only and is considered a unisex massaging toy. It can be placed over the mons pubis, tilted down for mid-clitoral stimulation, between the legs, on the perineum, or the anus. An attractive first toy for many, because of it’s non-phallic appearance, and more powerful than almost any other toy on the market, this is one you won’t regret adding to your stash, or being alone as the only toy in your stash. The packages can be overwhelming, so if you are just starting, just grab my personal favorite––the Original size rechargeable, here. Use code ASHLEIGH10 for 10% off orders over $100.


Coconu - YOU NEED THIS LUBE. Seriously, as someone who was never a fan of lube, I am now a giant fan of lube and love this lube so much. For solo or partnered play, since December 2020, Coconu has been my main squeeze. Oil-based is my favorite for oral and manual, solo play, toys, and intercourse (but be sure to use water-based with latex condoms). Some people are surprised to hear about lube during oral and I was some people! An audience member told me she loved it for giving and receiving and I agree, it’s lovely! Having lubed up hands makes giving oral more fun. It’s also a great trick if either of you are nervous about the smell or taste when giving or receiving. I also love giving and receiving massages pre or mid-play. For this I use the Coconu hemp based body oil. It can also be subbed in for lube if you run out of the oil-based, too! Use code ASHLEIGH15 for 15% off. And because I use so much lube and body oil, I need something to protect my bedding, and I’d prefer for it to be soft, and beautiful. Oh, and waterproof!


Splash Blanket - I used a dedicated intimacy bed covering for years before I found Splash Blanket. It was cotton and tight weave. It protected the bed, but it was not soft and it was not pretty, and it certainly was not waterproof. We used it to protect the linens and in lieu of a cleanup towel afterwards. Splash Blanket sent me a blanket to try and I could not believe how much more sensual everything felt when I had a velvety smooth blanket against my skin. It was like going from bright lights to dimmed, just perfect lighting. That’s how it felt on my skin. So smooth. I wanted to melt into the bed. I was sold! Get your beautiful, 100% waterproof Splash Blanket here. Use code ASH15 for 15% off.


Keeping it Hot After Dark Workshops - After Dark webinars are created to be a sexy date night in experience to bring couples closer and increase their ability to experience shared pleasure.

Most people fit into one of these categories.

  1. Fallen into a bedroom routine and would like to mix it up
  2. Have things you’d like to try that your partner is not into
  3. Have things your partner is into that you’d like to enjoy more
  4. Would like to learn new techniques that make my partner feel pleasure while also feeling comfortable for me
  5. Have things that you would like to try, but don’t know where to start